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Ibrahimovic: Man wants to kill opponents in every game

Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic shared his thoughts on the game "mankuniantsev."

"We create a lot of points, and you can sometimes win 1: 0. But I think we now understand that the need to score more than one goal to guarantee the three points. If the score 1: 0 is necessary to finish the game, and this task, which we are capable. Optional weekly win 4: 0, but we do this was not. Hopefully, we will finish an opponent, clogging the second goal. we want to kill every game.

While you are creating points, sooner or later you will score. I think we show a very good football. The team is well balanced, but we were not lucky in some matches. In some games we have committed mistakes and missed the children, but most of us had a good game. If we can win some matches in a row, it will give us more confidence. And as we play nice "- quoted Ibrahimovic

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Sneijder: I knew I had to leave Inter Milan

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Category: Europa League

Levante 0-0 FK Rubin Kazan

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